Friday, 1 July 2011

Expected DA - Dearness Allowance from July 2011 : Around 7% Likely

After the implementation of Dearness allowance w.e.f January, 2011, all are looking for the next Dearness allowance which should be implemented from July, 2011.

As per the 6th Central Pay Commission, all Central Government Employees get Increment from the month of July every year.

People are eagerly waiting for the Dearness Allowance (D.A) as incase of increment they get only 3% of Basic Pay, but D.A may be more than that and gives more monetary benefit than increment. predicts DA to be around 7 % based on assumption that Inflation Figures are under control.

D.A. is complete based on arithmetical calculation on All India CPI (IW) (Base 2001=100), the data for the entire six months is required to calculate the installment of D.A. payable. The labour bureau has released the figure for Jan, Feb and March as 188, 185 and 185 respectively. We are yet to know the figures of April, May and June. If we assume that there is no further increase or decrease in the numbers {maintains the cureent level for the next 3 months}, the D. A will be 7% from July 2011.
It is again reminded that it is only an assumption, the correct figure will be uploaded as soon as data available.

Last time in January 2011, DA was 6 % but government however increased certain allowance by 25%.

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